Surveying Department

Surveying Department

Sarzamin Sabz Parandian started its activities in the field of landscape design and architecture and surveying with the slogan “Excellent in providing engineering services by utilizing management knowledge”.
Considering the key role of human resources in this company, we have chosen to use specialized and capable engineers as its most important strategy to enter the new geomatics sciences and landscape design to reach global markets. As Considering the principles of productivity and efficiency, the company, using the most appropriate hardware and software technologies required, declares its readiness to render the following services to its esteemed employers:

• Land Surveying
• Detection of subsurface installations
• 3D modeling and PDMS
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Fields Of Activities

Detection of subsurface utilities

Identifying and positioning of subsurface complications in recent years and with the increasing development and development of industrial and urban structures requiring excavation and demolition operations, It has become one of the most important prerequisites for construction projects. In urban and Industrial areas, we cannot find the area without underground features such as power cables, industrial and drinking water pipes, Maintenance of these facilities is very important.
This company by using the latest technology in the world and integrating technology with the knowledge of surveying engineers and the sciences associated with any underground facility, including hydrology experts being able to provide accurate geometric maps for use in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database.


Land surveying
• Preparation of topographic and planimetric maps at different scales
• Boundary Surveys
• Earthwork Quantity Surveys
• Easement / Route Surveys
• Providing urban and rural cadaster maps
• Preparation of longitudinal and transverse profiles, separation, leveling
• Underground tunnel and mine surveying
• Microgeodesis and Fault Relocation Studies
• Providing a variety of maps such as construction of industrial and semi-industrial sites including oil and gas platforms, refineries, power plants, dams, tunnels, etc.
• Construction Staking: Roads, Bridges, Commercial, Industrial, Residential


Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Since the increasing importance and widespread use of aerial photographs and satellite imagery to produce a variety of maps, this company is ready to provide the following services with the help of capable specialists and suitable facilities:

• Converting aerial photographs and satellite images into map and tiff raster file.
• Image processing and geometric correction
• extraction of digital elevation model from stereo satellite data
• Close range photography
• Remote sensing

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Design and Development of GIS

Map Digitisation and GIS Preparation

Design and Implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
Design and Development of Web GIS Systems (WebGIS)
Network Analysis in GIS



Some of our projects including:

detecting Fibre Optic cables and unidentified buried objects by using GPR

– detect Fibre Optic cables and unidentified buried objects by using GPR

– Detection of Fiber Optic Cable Crossing in Tehran Traffic Using (GPR)

– Identification of the location of traffic cameras

– Identification of ponds, traffic lights, power stations and intelligent control equipment
Using GPR with 4 MHz antennas
Lnad surveying in the scale of 1/200
determine the position in the Global positioning sytem by using real-time kinematic (RTK)
Preparing maps in GIS

Detection of subsurface utilities and cavities created in underground level
Related to main sewer lines of Tehran

Identify the location of sewer pipelines and holes created using the track radar and ground penetration radar device or GPR
Mark pipes on the ground at distances of 20 meters
Surveying the point marks by RTK
Topographic survey of the terrain within the pipeline and about 20 meters from the sides of the route
Cartography and map creation

Surveying of Azad University Pishva Branch campus