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Our Products

Black Pipe

Looking for an easy to use and clean design? Black pipe is for you

Landscape edging keeps mulch and stone in its place and divide the planting area from turf.

Constructed of 100% recycled polyethylene. They provide long lasting quality on the job.

They divide turf from planting areas, keep mulch and stone in its place and minimize hand trimming and lawn edger use.

White Pipe

Create beautiful garden designs with lighting and illumination

Constructed of 100% recycled polyethylene. This kind of edging, lighten the borders gently at nights which add more and more to beautification of area and help the paths which need direction at nights.

Invisible Pipe

Design your garden and make it invisible with invisible pipe

By this type, you reach an almost invisible edging.

Constructed of 100% recycled polyethylene.

Our strong, durable and versatile line of lawn edgings are specially engineered to provide a nearly invisible border while giving a clean appearance and well-defined bed line. This also offers a safe alternative to metal edging, wood and concrete borders.

Designed to be heated to easily form logos and patterns.

Sarina paver

The most powerful product for keeping your garden design in its place

Strongest type of edging to create invisible, stable and sharp edging.

Constructed of 100% recycled polyethylene.

It lightens borders of edging during night and gives extra beauty to arias where needs direction to pass across.


Experience unmatched adaptability and design freedom in your landscaping projects with Tarna

its flexibility allows for effortless customization to match your landscaping vision. Whether you prefer clean lines, intricate patterns, or unique curves, this edging material seamlessly adapts to your creative ideas. Moreover, its eco-friendly composition aligns with your commitment to sustainability, making it a responsible choice for both your garden and the environment.

Edging Advantages

As soon as lawn and flowers grow, they will lose their initial designed border and their beauty will be disappeared. to keep their border in place, landscape architecture use edges. Edges of different types are made of various material. We supply poly etylen edges they do have appreciable preference in comparison to other kind of edges: Easy to work with Long lasting while they have non-degradable Made of UV-resistant material Can be used several times according to their change of landscape designs They do not harm to the moving machineries and pedestrians Easy to handle and install as they are flexible and congragulated lower part easily fixed to the ground.

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Certificate of industrial innovation

The 4th Karaj Flower festival trophy




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Iso 14001-2015

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