About the ideal green land

Ideal greenland  Parandian Company is the first producer of polyethylene separators with a design registration certificate, which started its activity in 2014 and has provided its products to contractors, green space designers, and architects to use innovation and technology. It takes an effective step towards the development and improvement of landscaping and green space design.
From the beginning, by diversifying the products and changing the design, this company has sought to meet the needs in the field of landscaping and green space architecture, and it will continue this process with the grace of God and the knowledge gained in the field of green space.
Improving the quality of green space design and improving the environment has always been one of the company's goals. The separating tapes produced in this company are 100% recyclable and have high and long-term performance and are resistant to the harmful effects of polyethylene such as ultraviolet rays with modern knowledge. It is hoped that with the advancement of knowledge in the direction of producing more products and variety along with quality and beauty, we will take an important step towards improving the design and architecture of green spaces.