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Black Pipe

جدا کننده های محوطه سازی مالچ و سنگ را در جای خود حفظ می کند و همچنین محوطه کاشت را محفوظ نگه می دارد

It can divide two areas covered by lawns, colored sands, various kind of mulches and keep them in the initial designed place. It is made of and upper pipe-like part that can be used as a pipe for irrigation purposes or as a duct to direct cables and a lower corrugated part for fixing the edge in the ground. It is extremely flexible according to the designed created by the engineers. It has no harmful sharp edges for machineries, animals and pedestrians. It also is UV resistant made of best PE grade.

White Pipe

این جدا کننده، علاوه بر جدا سازی دارای قابلیت عبور نور است.

This kind of PE edge made by us has the same features as the black one. In addition of being white in appearance and being semi-transparent it lets LED lights off and can be used for illumination purposes in dark places. It gives a great appearance to your landscape at day time and illuminates it at nights. It is made of 100% recyclable material.

Invisible Pipe

با این جدا کننده مرز بندی هایی تقریبا نا مرئی می توان ایجاد کرد.

This invisible edge, will produce subtle borders. In comparison to metal, wooden and cement edges this product is extremely safe. It can be shaped easily by warming process.

Sarina paver

سارینا، قویترین محصول جدا کننده برای ایجاد مرز بندی هایی نا مرئی، مستحکم و دقیق است.

Sarina is the strongest edging product. It can be illuminated at nights to guide you through your way.

Edging Advantages

As soon as lawn and flowers grow, they will lose their initial designed border and their beauty will be disappeared. to keep their border in place, landscape architecture use edges. Edges of different types are made of various material. We supply poly etylen edges they do have appreciable preference in comparison to other kind of edges: Easy to work with Long lasting while they have non-degradable Made of UV-resistant material Can be used several times according to their change of landscape designs They do not harm to the moving machineries and pedestrians Easy to handle and install as they are flexible and congragulated lower part easily fixed to the ground.

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